Friendship - a meditation


Read John 4:1-42
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

What barriers are broken down in this story?  How does Jesus hold out the hand of friendship? 

Look particularly for the barriers of race and religion, gender and morality.

Pray ...

You didn’t know their names, Jesus
You didn’t recognise their faces, Jesus
Yet you reached out
to meet their every need
bread to eat
a healing touch
the look of friendship, forgiveness and love

Help us, Jesus
widen our friendship
to those
whose names we do not know
to those
whose faces we do not recognise
in a world of hunger
in a world of need.

You knew what hurt them, Jesus
the ache of broken relationships
the pain of violence and abuse
the fear of rejection
Yet you were not afraid, Jesus
to offer the hand of friendship

Help us, Jesus
widen our friendship
and stretch out our hand
in love and acceptance
and support
to those who know only rejection

You saw the barriers, Jesus
you felt the divisions, Jesus,
of faith and religion,
of culture and gender,
of politics and race
and you broke them down

Help us, Jesus,
extend your friendship
across the barriers that divide our world
and bring people together
in a spirit of love.

You were chosen, Jesus
God’s Spirit was on you
to bring love to the poor
to set the burdened and battered free

May your spirit of friendship
so live in us
that people see in our lives
your friendship for them
and know
that you are Jesus forever the same.