Resurrection - a meditation

Resurrection -
sharing prayers of praise
in celebration of life

Read  John 20:1-31
Recall John 16:33, 13:34-35
20:22-23, 14:27
20:19, 14:1-3, 20:26
friendship, conflict,
betrayal, death

What do you make of these stories of the first Easter?  What are they saying that can help us as we share prayers of praise in celebration of life?

he rose again from the dead
he lives

he said
Peace be with you

he says
Peace be with you

so many believed because they saw with their own eyes.
even more blessings
are in store for those who believe without seeing.
Encourage one another
with these words

Lord of all Life
we thank you
that death could not hold you.

It’s amazing, incredible,
almost unbelievable
that you came back to life
when no one was expecting it.

Now we know
that death is not the end,

Now we can be sure
that nothing is hopeless

In a troubled world
of broken friendships
of conflict,
betrayal and death
you are here
you make the difference
to our lives
you give us
hope, and joy, and peace.

Because you are alive
we can live life to the full
and we have
everything to live for.
today, tomorrow and for ever.

Read Romans 8:35, 37-39
as an affirmation
of faith