Taking Jesus on to the Streets

For the Millennium the churches of Cheltenham took the story of Jesus on to the streets of their town.  In 'Jesus for Today' people who took part, people who watched and passers by tell what this very powerful telling of the story of Jesus meant to them.  It's a story of Friendship, Promise, Betrayal, Death and ultimately  of Resurrection.

Pam Rhodes told the story of the Cheltenham Passion Play on Songs of Praise and here introduces Jesus for Today.

The Cheltenham Passion Play began at 12-00 noon on Good Friday and was in Five Acts.

Friendship, Conflict, Betrayal, Death and Resurrection.

The fourth Act, Death, came to an end at 3-00 pm.  There was then a long interval.  Act 5 began at 8-00 on Easter Sunday morning.

To follow what happened as we took the story of Jesus on to the streets click on the tabs above and find out what a difference Easter and the risen Jesus makes in people's lives today.